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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good reasons to leave Italy

This is the blog of a NY guy living in Rome, but probably not for much longer. He decided to move back to the US. I strongly suggest non-Italians interested in Italy and Italians interested in moving abroad to read it. It's a must-read. I agree with every word, every letter.

I don't like the Italian mentality. Italians have no concept of the common good. They only believe in advancing the causes of their families and friends and trampling everyone down along the way. As my girlfriend's dad once told me during one of our many man-to-man chats, the prevalent mentality here in Italy is: If I don't know you, you're not worth anything to me. And they don't care about anything. Nothing works, nothing (...)

I agree because I'm Italian, I know Italy, I know he's right, he said what I think and what I see every day when I leave my home.

I also agree because I know the difficulties of an American person trying to integrate into Italian society and into the Italian labor system, without success. By the way, that American is my wife.

Many greetings to Romanus Yankeeus, I wish him and his fiancee all the best, I wish him a happy return to the US. I can imagine how much he thought about this decision.

This post is named "Why I need to leave Italy part 1". I'm eager to read the part 2.