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Friday, September 09, 2005


I am a registered member of the Democratic party. Why? Because I agree with their party platform that abortion should be a woman's choice. I think there should be stem cell research. I support gun control. I am opposed to the death penalty. Not exactly Republican material. I was initially against the Iraqi war. I was quite content with my decision to be a Democrat, but somewhere along the line I became discontented.

The Democratic Party that I joined was about politics. Now it seems they are more more about blaming Bush for everything that they consider wrong. They don't waste their time studying facts. The majority of the Democratic Party supports Cindy Sheehan. While I initially pitied her because of her loss, I am now convinced that she is shamefacedly using her son's death to convey all her lunatic issues to the public. After all, he was not 'a little boy' He was an adult. He made his decision to join the military. He volunteered This fact seems to slip by her and slip by her democratic supporters.

I agree now that Coalition forces should remain in Iraq. If they just pick up and leave Iraq like the Democratic party wants, what will fill the vacuum left? More terrorists and fanatics who want to impose Sharia law on the whole world? I am afraid to find out.

Al Sharpton screams George Bush hates black people. That is ludicrous! Yet most Democrats either agree or are silent if they don't. They blame George Bush 100 percent because the Katrina aftermath rescue has been slow, yet there were photos published all over the internet (including this blog) about how the Mayor, a black Democrat, did not evacuate those who were too poor or frail to do it on their own. I read today on CNN how a representive from Louisiana refused the intial Red Cross help because of 'logistic problems', yet I don't remember reading in any newspapers that there were 'logistical problems' so they couldn't move their camera trucks in to film a story.

While there have always been 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda type idiots in the Democratic party, they were always the fringe, not the main contingent.
Times have changed. The fanatical left wingers rule. Reality doesn't matter any more.
I live abroad and don't vote in local elections, but in 2008 I cannot, with any bit of conscience, vote Democrat. Is there such a thing as a moderate Republican ?