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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Italian Communist Newspaper "Il Manifesto" thinks John Bolton is a "KILLLER" (with 3 L's)

(Title: "A KILLLER at the U.N.")

Here below you can also see when "Il Manifesto" thought, on Nov. 3rd 2004, that John Kerry won Presidential elections:

(Title: "Good morning America With a landslide vote Americans kick Bush away from White House")

Or when "Il Manifesto" played with Photoshop and faked a story:

Caption: "Deadly mission aganist Palestinians in Nazareth: Israelis shoot and kill inside houses. So a bloody Yom Kippur ends in Israel and the Territories".

Same day, different newspaper, "La Repubblica", same photo, not photoshopped:

Caption: "Palestinian protesters throw stones against Israeli soldiers in Ramallah"

Links: Camillo, Livio Senigallesi.

These are some examples of the inaccuracy and bias of this extreme left-wing yet popular Italian newspaper.