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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bad Customer Service-continued

Today my friend and I had lunch together at a little restaurant near where she works. The menu with prices was on the placemats that the waiter/owner put in front of us. I ordered a 5 Euro pizza, and she ordered a 5 Euro pizza and a 2 Euro coca cola.
The food and our conversation were really enjoyable, but finally the time came to ask for our bills so we could leave. The owner brought my bill. It was 5 Euro as expected. He also brought my friend's bill. It was 8 Euros. After studying it for a few seconds, she asked the owner ' Why is the bill 8 Euros? The menu says the pizza costs 5 and the coca cola costs 2 Euros. That should be 7 Euros total.'
And he replied 'Well, I served you a medium glass of coca cola. That is 3 Euros. 3 for the coca cola and 5 for the pizza is 8.'
To which she replied 'Why is a glass of coca cola 3 Euros ? It only says on the menu a coca cola is 2 Euros. It doesn't even say anything about sizes or glasses. There is only the one price of 2 Euros mentioned.'
To which he replied 'There was a misunderstanding. 2 Euros is for a can of coca cola. 3 Euros is for the medium glass, which I served you.'
She said 'This wasn't a misunderstanding. I didn't want a 3 Euro soda, I wanted a 2 Euro soda, which is on the menu.'
To which he said 'You pay for what you are served, and you were served a 3 Euro coca cola!'
So what did my friend do ? She PAID.
If it was me I would have made more of a fuss. I mean you cannot advertise one price and then charge another. In the US this would be illegal. Bait and switch. A crime. I've never even heard of a restaurant doing business like that. Talk about a fast way to lose customers. And over 1 lousy Euro too. The 2 of us will never go back there again.