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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Se sapete l'inglese, potete capire quanto si dice qui. Questo e' Romanus Yankeaus, un americano provvisoriamente (??) in Italia, che cerca di convivere con gli italiani. Vorrei scrivere come lui, perche' dice quello che penso anch'io, esprimendosi con una prosa molto piu' interessante di quanto potrebbe essere la mia. A proposito, non leggete il mio blog, non e' interessante. E' noioso, e scritto male.

"Italians tend to be inconsiderate of others in general and the gym is no different. Nobody cleans the sweat off the machine when they are done using it and weights are left all over the floor so you can fall on them. People sit on the machines and have 20 minute conversations with each other or on their cell phones while you are waiting to use them. If you ask to use it they look at you as if you just told them to go f... themselves. Or, they leave a bottle or a towel on a machine to 'reserve' it and go out and come back 20 mins later. The gym is always packed with men, just like the bars and discos. Deodorant standards are not quite the same as they are in the US so the place reeks of BO."