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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I Don't Think the Muslim Riots Will Spread to Italy

The Muslim riots that started in France over the deaths of 2 teenagers and is now fueled by 'frustrations' has seeming spread to other European cities, such as Brussels and Berlin.

More details here:

One of the Italian center left politicians, Romano Prodi, has said that the riots may happen in Italy.
Of course they may, and tomorrow the world may be invaded by little green men who come from Mars.
Nobody can read the future, but what we can do instead is to take educated guesses about what will happen.
He gave his. Now I will give mine.
It might be a little less educated in the formal sense than his, but as it states in the title of this blog "I might be wrong, but I doubt it."
I wasn't born yesterday! I have 2 eyes and a brain (and an internet connection)
It is true that many Muslim immigrants live in ghetto-like areas, can't seem to get jobs, and then when they do they are either illegal 'nero' jobs or jobs with illegal contracts.
But, this is the case for most Italians.
There aren't segregated Muslim quarters in which they live. There is much more integration. At least for their Italian-born children.

If their children are of working age and claim discrimination against them, they are probably right, but then again there will be discrimination against 99.9 percent of the population looking for jobs not offered in companies owned by family or friends of family too.

The Italian government might treat their new immigrants as scum, but then they treat native Italians as scum too, so there will be no "if only we were treated like Italian citizens life would be better" because their treatment would still be the same. Bad.

The main reason why I think riots won't spread to the Muslim immigrants in Italy is that unlike the rioters in France that are largely made up of 2nd and 3rd generation french citizens, most immigrants here are first generation and remember clearly why they wanted to immigrate in the first place.

They remember well what they left. They are happy to be here.
Everybody else in Italy may riot, but not them.