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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Update on the Rally in Rome

Tonight in Rome in front of the Iranian Embassy there is a torchlight protest against Ahmanijad's statement that Israel should be wiped off the map.
I was expecting maybe 20 people or so to show up, but to my surprise (happily I might add), there are hundreds of people at the rally. Many of them are carrying Israeli flags, and they are not burning them ! There are Jewish people, Catholic people and Muslim People.Italians and Iranians. There are center right and some center left.
The hard left and communist parties are against the rally because they say that Palestinian rights need to be addressed and there needs to be a 2 state solution. What they don't seem to understand is everyone is protesting that Israel has the right to exist. There cannot be a 2 state solution if one state is wiped off the map !

Buzzurro's note: I confirm, J.Doe looks astonished. She's watching TV, and repeats, over and over: I've never seen so many Israeli flags in Italy.