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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thanksgiving Lists

I have been tagged by Gia-gina to list 10 shallow things I am thankful for and 10 things I am genuinely thankful for. I admit that I had to look at Google first to see exactly what a meme was. Technical and blogspeak terms evade me. Starting with "On" Button.
Here are my lists.

10 Shallow Things I am Thankful for:

1. Most of my houseplants have survived the years of living with me and my notoriously black thumb.
2. I can take many pictures with my digital camera and not have to spend thousands of Euros on film and developing fees. I can just delete whatever comes out bad (80%).
3. My brother made it across the finish line in a runner's marathon (because if he didn't I'd hear about 'Why I didn't' for months).
4. One of my neighbors went to work today so I was able to sit in my livingroom and surf the internet without hearing him argue with his roommate.
5. It rained yesterday and I actually had an umbrella with me.
6. I made it through Italian Driving School without killing anyone/being killed (even though I had been driving for 17 years in the US before I moved here). The roads are scary places.
7. There is a sale next week at the market near my house on rucola (arugula). I am addicted to that stuff. I never ate it in the US before, but it is really good. (and healthy too!)
8. Wine is cheap in Italy (not that I'm an alcoholic or anything, but I appreciate wine).
9. Tiramisu'. Need I say more? (well I will. I always hated Tiramisu' in the US, but here in Italy it is delicious).
10. I love how Buzzurro says my name, even when he's mad at me.

10 Things I am Genuinely Thankful for.

1. They finally turned the building heat on so I don't have to nearly freeze every morning and night.
2. The Italian Countryside is breathtaking beautiful and when my husband and I take drives around to see it I am at peace.
3. I get to relax and vent my frustrations out on our blog (so thank you to all you readers who at the same time are my therapists J ).
4. We have 2 computers in our house so Buzzurro and I don't have to share.
5. My brother and his wife had a baby girl, my first niece. She is the cutest thing too!
6. I met my soulmate in Italy, my dear husband, Buzzurro, who I love with all my heart.
7. My parents taught me to be independent.
8. My health is very good compared to many others.
9. I am a good cook because I like to eat well.
10. The conversations Buzzurro and I have in any place, at any time.

I would like to pass this Meme to Indigo Bubbles, Mad Minerva and Nickie Goomba. The meme is to make your own shallow things I am thankful for and genuine things I am thankful for list and post it on your blog.