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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Salaam Alikum world

I read the news, I can see that the large majority of terrorists and suicide bombers are Muslim. This does not mean, however, that many Muslims are terrorists, suicide bombers or even support those 2 groups of people.
Several politicians bend over backwards to point out the difference betweens regular Muslims and Islamofascist Muslims, several bloggers bend over backwards to do so too but some don't. This disturbs me.
When I was younger I had an Egyptian friend. Her father was a very religious man. He loved to read the Koran and had many religious books.
He told me many times that the Iranian takeover of the US embassy was against Islam. He was opposed to the regime there.
He told me that suicide and suicide bombing is forbidden in Islam, the moreso if it takes out innocent lives.
He told me that the wearing of the hijab by women should be optional.
He told me that women should be able to drive and to vote and was by no means a fan of Saudi Arabia.
He said that men have no right to abuse women, physically or mentally.
I went to their mosque several times,and while I did put on a hijab when I was there it must have been obvious that I had never been in a mosque before. Nobody there said anything negative to me.
I never had any problems with her friends or family, and many of them too were religious.
Even her uncle, who was a captain in the army in Gaza, and not pro-Israel was very nice to me.
Whenever I read/hear about Islam being a S***** religion I think of them, and cringe.

Alikum wa Salaam