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Monday, November 07, 2005

Rudeness, Part 305

Today I went to the bathroom in a huge shopping center. Like usually happens in all shopping centers around the world, the men's room was empty and there was a line for the ladies room. I have been to this shopping center many times. There is one toilet for the men, and one toilet fo the women.

The 2 people in front of me in the line were a mother and a daughter who was maybe 4.
The little girl, being a typical little girl kept saying loudly "Mama, I have to go to the bathroom". And the mother always responded "We have to wait". And the little girl, being a little girl, kept saying "Why ?" as she walked around the bathroom.

After a few minutes a man walked into the common restroom area, went into the men's room, did his business and left.
The women's room was still occupied.
After a few minutes the little girl started jumping up and down and said "Mama, I really have to go".
The mother responded "OK", and took the girl into the men's room.
Just as they finished their business, the door to the womens bathroom opened and out walked a man.
I could see some fabric on the floor of the womens bathroom where he exited, so I asked "Is there somebody else in there ?"
"Yes" he said, with a tone of voice that said "don't bother me".
Then the mother of the little girl, who also saw the man leave said to me "Is there someone else in there ? What are they doing ? I've been waiting a quarter of a hour, and we just couldn't wait anymore".
I responded "I don't know. There are 2 people in there. Maybe they were having sex. I don't know".

And at that point a woman walked out of the bathroom and angrily said to me "I was sick. I vomited. We were cleaning it up !"
Well, excuse me lady, I'm sorry you are sick, but there was a line of people waiting to use the toilet, and there were 2 of you in there.
Do you think one person could have at least NOTIFIED the other people what was going on? Especially since one of those people was a little girl who probably can't hold it in for long anyway ?

Talk about selfishness.

And then to be mad at me because I assumed the worst ?
(Maybe I was right too. When people vomit they make a sound, and the people in front of me were in the bathroom for 15 minutes and didn't hear anything...)