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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hot Chocolate

Another day has gone by in which I have not been paid for work I did in September/early October.
It is very frustrating, and sometimes I feel like screaming.
I think today that instead of writing a negative blog entry about Italy, I'll just chill for a while. Relax. Drink a glass of Chianti.... or better yet, I think I'll go to the bar and have a hot chocolate.

When I first came to Italy and I went to a coffee shop I saw on the menu they had several types of hot chocolate. One was 65 percent cocoa, another was 70 percent cocoa and the third was 72 percent cocoa.
"How strange ?" I thought. As I ordered the 65 percent cocoa because it was the cheapest.

What the barista handed me was nothing I had ever seen before. He handed me a coffee cup with what looked like thick, gooey mud in it. I tasted it anyway. It was out-of-this-world good ! It tasted like liquified fine chocolate ! It was heavenly ! The hot chocolate in Italy is the best.
It tastes nothing like the stuff called Hot chocolate in the US that sometimes has little marshmallows floating in it, sometimes not ! It even has the color of chocolate instead of the watered down brown that is found in the US types.
Even the powdered mixes you buy in the store and add to milk at home are so much better than the hot chocolate of the US.

Tourists may come to Italy for the beaches, for the art, for the outdoor scenic views, but only those coming in the Winter/late Fall/early Spring will be able to taste the best hot chocolate there is !

Update: After writing this post I did go to a bar and ordered a hot chocolate. I must say it was the worst I ever tasted in my life. Figures !