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Friday, November 25, 2005

Another day, Another Strike in Italy

This really pisses me off. Sure, workers have a right to ask for more money, but did they ever hear of mediation ?

Piero Fassino complained that the government had "blocked the country's growth and made Italians' jobs precarious."

OK, now do you think going on strike every other month is going to help the Italian economy? Do you think losing one days wages is going to make all Italians richer? And, how do you think the jobs got precarious, you bozo Fassino? Perhaps by going on strike every month?

Every other month it seems there is another large strike affecting something important.
This time the strike is to complain about the proposed budget cuts for 2006.
Why they can't just write letters to all those politicians in parliament, I don't know.

These strikes are stagnating everything. The Italian Economy is either growing very little or not growing at all. If they keep on striking, the 'growth' will be negative...