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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Al Qaeda Does What to Civilians ?

Al Qaeda had a suicide bomber drive a car into a Iraqi muslim funeral today, killing 25 people.

Yesterday, Mr. Al Zarwaki said that Al Quada "did not target Muslim civilians."
Who did he think was going to attend this funeral anyway ? Coalition forces ? Israelis ? Jooos ?
Obviously Muslims were there. What a liar. A Hypocrite.

Read about it here.

I am against suicide bombings against any people, Muslim, Jew, Christian, American or Spanish, military or civilian, but especially civilian.
Zarqawi is full of lies. He is saying one thing and doing another. I can see it, and it looks like several people are finally opening their eyes and seeing the truth too.

There was a rally in Jordan with approximately 200,000 participants, several calling Al Zarqawi a "coward" and saying that he should "burn in hell."

Several radical Islamic websites that normally celebrate al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks are now replete with criticism of the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Muslims.

This is a small, but welcome step. Perhaps if everyone, even the fanatic and non-fanatic supporters of Al Qaeda see that he is hypocritical, maybe, just maybe Al-Qaeda will lose it's welcome in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

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