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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Were Bloggers 'Crying Wolf' in Oklahoma ?

No. I don't think so.

This relates to the story of the 21 year old Joel Hinrichs, the University of Oklahoma Engineering Student who on October 1 blew himself up within 100 yards of a football stadium attended by 85,000 people.

When the story came out it was largely ignored by the MSM, or just treated like a routine suicide. It was not, however, a routine suicide. A few days before blowing himself up, Joel Hinrich tried to purchase a large amount of amonium nitrate from a store that sells fertiliser. He failed, and constructed a homemade bomb using TATP, which is often used by Palestinian suicide bombers. He did not commit suicide in his own house, he not only chose a public place, but one nearby a football stadium with a game in progress, which there are rumors, true or not, that he tried to enter but did not when the guards asked to search his bag. He also had more explosives in his room.

A lot of blog writers (for example LGF, Michelle Malkin) noted the lack of interest by the MSM, and questioned the 'suicide'. They asked 'Was this a Jihadist terrorist bombing gone bad?' And there were several posts on this subject.

I just read yesterday that Cathy Young accused these bloggers of' crying wolf.' I don't think that is a fair judgement.

Some obvious questions arise. This is not a 'routine suicide', done by the more traditional methods in traditional places. If it is a suicide it is an abnormal one and the MSM and police should look into it, especially in this day and age of terrorism. It is the responsible thing to do. If his suicide was indeed a suicide I have sympathy for all his family and friends. If his suicide justso happens to be more than just a 'routine suicide' I have sympathy for us all. I don't think that asking questions such as 'Is it.' Or it isn't' are wrong. The MSM should do this. If they don't, it is up to the blogger community to.