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Sunday, October 30, 2005

They Serve Pasta Dishes in Italy ?????

A few weeks ago the sister and brother-in-law of my American friend came to Italy.
They were on a whirlwind visit to Italy.4 cities in 4 days. They live in Southern California. I lived there for 14 years. In fact, I even worked across the street from my friend's sister for a while. (I didn't know my friend at that time though) I wanted to meet her sister and brother-in-law, and they wanted to meet me too, but they were short on time. I did finally meet them at a restaurant in the train station for a few minutes before their train to Rome departed.

I asked my friend's brother-in.law, 'How do you like Italy so far?. And he responded 'Italy is OK, but I hate the food. Every time I go into a restaurant it is always pasta, pasta, pasta. What's with the pasta? There is just too much of it. I am so sick of it now!!'

OK, anybody who goes to Italy and is surprised to see many pasta dishes on menus of restaurants is, in my humble opinion, an Idiot (note the capital I).

The fact that the said person only reads through one half of a menu before deciding that pasta is the only food that the restaurant serves secures the fact that they are indeed an Idiot (with a capital I).

In Italy meals are divided into 2 courses, The first one is called a first course (primo piatto) This consists of pasta or rice dishes.
The second course (secondo piatto) consists of meat, usually beef or fish or poultry.
Therefore for a person to walk into a restaurant and decide that only pasta dishes are seved , that person is just not reading the entire menu. Only half.

The only restaurant that I have ever even seen that serves only pasta is in fact one that exists in California. All the restaurants in Italy, while serving a lot more pasta dishes then restaurants in the US, serve a balanced menu with many different selections.

Look and use your noodle before judging !