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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Italian Shopping Carts

I've been writing a lot of posts lately about what DOESN'T work or what I don't like in Italy, so here is a post dedicated to one thing that I do like.. the shopping carts.

The shopping carts used in the supermarkets are bigger then they are in the US, so that can be a plus if you eat a lot, but that is not why I like them.
I like them because you have to rent them for either 1 or 2 euros in order to use them.
When you are done shopping you can put them back in the rack that they came from and get all your money back.
I like this system because too many times while in the US (where 99.9 percent of the supermarkets have free shopping carts) my parked car has been hit by loose shopping carts who get tossed about with the wind.
The majority being of course, when my car was new.
In Italy the carts are not free and everybody who uses them wants to get back their money, so no one leaves them out loose, to be at the whim of the wind.