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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An Unusual Automatic Vending Machine (for Italy)

Today I found an automatic vending machine that 'da il resto' (gives change). I was so happy! Most automatic vending machines in Italy don't, so if you buy a 30 cent cup of coffee and use a 50 cent coin to pay for it, you lose 20 cents. Imagine if you only have a pocket full of 1 Euro or 2 Euro coins ?
The salaries in Italy are already low, so that donating 70 cents or 1 euro and 70 cents to a vending company that makes thousands of dollars unfairly taking hard working folks money is a crying shame.

I started thinking of my pre-Italy life in the US. I have never seen an automatic vending machine there that states that it does not give change. No person would use it if it did. In Italy, where being treated badly is considered normal, they are so used to machines that don't give change it doesn't even cause a reaction..

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