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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Rantings of an American Residing Overseas (about Katrina)

Some Black leaders in the US are saying that the rescue response to New Orleans was slow because the majority of the victims are black.

I do not think so. I think the responsibilty for the slow response falls upon:

  1. the local Government

  2. the State Government and

  3. the Federal Government


with the majority of that resposibility laying with the local government who knows the area's constituents and make up better than anybody else. The local officials happen to be black, but that is not the issue here.

The issue is Economics. New Orleans is divided into:

  1. a poorer inner city population and

  2. a richer population in the outlying suburbs.

When the mayor and everybody else sounded the alarm for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans it was the richer people who had either other places to go, or enough extra funds to pay for a hotel for a few days who left.

The poorer ones who had nowhere to go stayed behind. The kind mayor who lambasted the federal government for doing nothing abandoned his constituents. Why couldn't they be bussed to stadiums in other counties and the city of New Orleans pay for that cheap plan?

That IS an important issue, but not the issue I'm writing about now.
The victims we see are not victims of race, but of Economics.

Every time something bad happens to a black person in the United States they say it happened because of race. This is simply not true. Most times there is a complexity of issues at stake, race either being at the bottom of the list or not a factor at all.

I am tired of American Blacks always blaming the color of their skin for everything that is wrong in their lives. Living abroad I see many black people of many different nationalities who don't have this belief system. They advance or stagnate economically according to their own work abilities.