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Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Orleans Resident Perspective

Just received by one of my friends:

This was received from an actual resident in the direct path of Katrina in McComb county and is known personally by the writer. John and Suzy were rescued off the roof of their two story home by motorboat.

Jack, What I have seen since Katrina:

The poor and the wealthy hurt by the storm.

Black, white, Hispanic, Oriental and Indian all hurt by the storm.

Christian people giving, giving, giving.

Churches going all out to minister in Jesus' name.

Neighbors going door to door helping one another.

Thugs and hoodlums going door to door looking for someone vulnerable.

Ice and water being fought over as police tried to keep the peace.

People coming up from New Orleans taking over empty houses because shelters are full.

Out of town volunteers coming with food and staying for now a week still serving it.

The Churches all over this part of the country doing what Christians do in a crisis.

The Red Cross doing a great job in the shelters.

The Salvation Army doing a great job in the community.

Four Hundred crewman from everywhere bring back the power to our homes, churches and businesses.

Lines at service stations a block to a mile long and getting longer, heavy price gouging.

National Guardsman patrolling the streets of Mc Comb along with Kentucky policemen protecting us
from the hoodlums and thugs of Mc Comb, Pike County and New Orleans (the most dangerous city
in the world before Katrina.)

Drug dealers working outside shelters.

Doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel working tirelessly, even sleeping in the
hospital to do the job God called them to do.

Our governor finally got the courage to file a request in writing to the federal government to bring the US military into our state under a declaration of Marshal law. Took her four days to do this which was tragic understatement of our situation.

Lots of finger pointing as to who is to blame for not resolving the problems we have with the sweep of a pen or magic wand. This is going to take a decade to repair if we repair it at all.

The military, God love them all, have been saving lives and preventing chaos.

Our president has been here three times, directing resources which for whatever reason or reasons were stalled due to bureaucratic red tape or procedures. Like our president or not does not matter to me but he is getting people off their penguin butts and things are rapidly getting done since he first came here.


The ACLU setting up a feeding line.

People for the American Way helping in the shelters.

The NAACP doing any work whatsoever.

The American Atheist organization serving meals in the shelters.

Jesse Jackson directing traffic at the gas stations.

Nancy Grace of Court TV on CNN doing anything to help our situation.

I could go on but you get my message. Its the Christian people with love and compassion who do the work.

The gripers in Congress should come on down and get in line to pass the water and the ice.
Are you listening Hillary, Chuck, Teddy and all the sorry loafers we call Senators and Congressmen.
They don't have a clue as to what this life is all about here on the Gulf Coast.

Teddy will never volunteer to help in any mess like this one, remember, Teddy doesn't help anyone in deep water other that to assist in their drowning.

Jack, I feel better now. Sorry I bent your ear but this had to be said.

Your friend,