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Friday, September 23, 2005

Left-Wingers: Join The Cindy Sheehan Bandwagon Without Knowing What They're Jumping On

Today I received a surprise phone call from a friend who lives in the US. He was feeling a little under the weather but hoped that he would feel better enough to attend the anti-war rally in Washington DC this weekend.

'You are seriously going to that so-called anti-war rally? With Cindy Sheehan?' I said astonished. My friend is a left wing Democrat. I support that, well, support is strong word, tolerate it.that sounds better. I tolerate his left wing views.

He responded 'Yes, of course. Cindy Sheehan lost her son. She is against the War in Iraq, just like me !'

I then said 'That's not all she is. Do you know that she recently wrote a letter asking that the US troops get out of 'occupied New Orleans' even though the governor finally invited them ?'

He responded 'No, I had no idea.'

Then I said do you know that in the spring she wrote a letter stating that the war in Iraq was fought for Israel, and her son died for Israel, and not for the US'.

He responded 'No.'

Then I said 'Did you know that because of this letter David Duke and all of his American Nazi party friends support her ? They all speak in her favor, and she accepted it.'

He responded 'No. I had no clue.'

Then I said to him 'Did you know that Cindy Sheehan called Osama Bin Laden an 'alleged' terrorist, even though he admitted plotting the 9-11 attacks ? I don't know what one has to do to become a 'real' terrorist in her mind then.

I also told him that the rally that he is talking about is to be sponsored by ANSWER (Act Now to Prevent War and Racism). They equate zionism with racism and want the colonist Israelis to get out of Palestine -all of it-and leave no Israel at all.

He reponded 'Well, I didn't know these things, and I certainly don't support them. I'm pro-Israel and gay so I am against the Nazi party for sure. Maybe I won't go to the rally after all.'

Then he asked me 'How do you know these things ? You live so far away.'

My answer ? I read. And not just one source either.

He replied 'Wow!!!' like I just performed some amazing stunt. He then said 'You are so smart !'

Smart has nothing to do with it. I click a few buttons on my PC. That's all I do.

How many other people at the anti-war rally will be like him though? Not knowing what they are marching for. Doing things blindly. Not doing their research.

Just doing. That to me is more scary then Cindy Sheehan and Nazis and ANSWER put together.

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