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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Liking other cultures cuisines does NOT equal disliking Italian cuisine

A few days ago I told my father-in-law that the previous night my husband and I went to a Chinese restaurant and had Chinese food.
And his response? Not the expected 'Was it good?' but, 'Don't you like Italian food?'
Yesterday at work I mentioned to some colleagues 'I found a good store that sells American food.' And their response? Not the expected 'Good for you!' but 'Why can't you shop in normal supermarkets? Don't you like Italian food?'
Why is it that when you tell an Italian that you like another type of cuisine, a non-italian cuisine, they get offended and assume that you don't like Italian food?
In my case, I love Italian food. I love all the different sauces used on pasta, I love the variety of pizzas and I absolutely love the freshness of the salads, but I also love Mexican Enchiladas, Japanese Sushi and Chinese fried rice.
Why are Italians so closed minded to think that it has to be one type of cuisine or the other? Why can't you like more then one?
Me being American, I am so used to eating Chinese for lunch one day, Mexican for dinner (with a fine Italian espresso and tiramisu for dessert), and then having a Vietnamese meal the following day. Nobody in the US thinks that I am putting down one type of cuisine by eating another. Why can't I continue that type of diet here?